Your Home Away from Home on the Central Coast

Multi Award Winning Historic Home at Point Clare​

Enjoy Peace & Tranquility, With All The Modern Luxuries A Perfect Escape For Families, Groups, Wedding Parties and Retreats

Tintern Point Clare

Enjoy beautiful, easy-living rooms, five deluxe bedrooms for up to ten people, a fully-equipped kitchen, communal spaces and inviting outdoor areas. Indulge in the historic charm and create your special memories together…

Wedding Accommodation

Looking for the perfect wedding accommodation on the Central Coast that can cater for your group?

Tintern is a beautifully renovated and spacious historic property designed to meet the needs of bridal parties,  groups attending weddings and other special events.

Located at the gateway to the Central Coast, Tintern is just a short drive from wedding venues, such as the Evergreen Garden Venue, Firescreek Winery, and The Springs Peats Ridge. 

The property features three lounge areas, including a sumptuous library and spacious bedrooms, providing plenty of room for families and friends to stay together and create lasting memories.

Micro Retreat Venue

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Family Group Stays

Tintern serves as the perfect haven for families seeking a serene and welcoming retreat. Whether it’s a short vacation, or a family celebration, Tintern provides a comfortable and convenient solution. Tintern also welcomes pets (with permission), offering a complete family experience. As a destination designed with families in mind, it caters to all needs and ages and ensures everyone enjoys a memorable stay, making it an ideal getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The accommodations at Tintern are designed to ensure comfort for all. The property features three spacious living areas, providing ample room for relaxation and leisure activities. Catering to large family groups, Tintern ensures everyone, from young children to elderly family members, enjoys a comfortable stay. The single-level property design is also well-suited for guests with physical challenges, further emphasising its commitment to accessibility and convenience.

Tintern’s tranquil surroundings, combined with its extensive facilities, make it an ideal setting for creating unforgettable family memories. The expansive front verandah invites families to enjoy the sunshine and each other’s company. Inside, a well-appointed kitchen and spacious dining table promote communal cooking and dining, while the cosy gas log fire in the library room provides the perfect setting for storytelling and bonding. Tintern’s pet-friendly policy and serene environment offer an excellent setting for leisurely walks and adventures with your furry friends, making it a complete family retreat.

Flexible, Extended Stays

Tintern offers flexible options for longer stays. If you find yourself in need of longer-term accommodations due to home renovations or work commitments, Tintern offers a comfortable and convenient solution.

With its fully equipped amenities and ample space, Tintern can serve as your temporary home away from home. You can relax and continue your daily routines while your living space is being transformed, ensuring a smooth transition for your family.

Tintern also welcomes pets (with permission), offering friendliness and familiarity for a comfortable longer-term experience.

A self-contained study also offers a secluded workspace with fast WiFi if you need to combine work and pleasure during your Tintern stay.

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